About The Jeanne Paul Team


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Jeanne Paul Team – Your Realtors For Life

The Jeanne Paul Team brings a virtually unmatched breadth of talents, depth of experience and energy level to the Portland real estate market. It's not just their years of experience that have made them one of the top real estate teams in the metro area; it's what they've learned to master over those years. Like how to listen. Seriously. You'd be surprised how few real estate brokers even make the effort to try to understand all of the physical, financial and emotional objectives both buyers and sellers bring to a transaction. No one probes deeper to help buyers and sellers articulate needs or objectives that they may not have even been consciously aware of themselves. Why is this important? In a bubble market it might not be, but in a normal or bearish market it can be the difference between a smooth and efficient transaction and a time-wasting, blood pressure-raising exercise in futility. From this experience the Jeanne Paul Team knows that it's impossible to negotiate successfully on your behalf without understanding the motivations and fears of all the stakeholders in a transaction. They've also learned that the negotiation starts long before any offers come in. For sellers, it starts with how they position the property in their pricing and marketing, which buyers they target, and the credibility the Jeanne Paul Team has built over years of highly professional and ethical transactions. For buyers, it starts with doing the homework on a target property and its sellers to better understand how to best approach them and their agent. No wonder the Jeanne Paul Team has one of the highest referral rates in the city.